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  • WEPER HF3000 Induction Heating Fusion Machine
  • WEPER HF3000 Induction Heating Fusion Machine
  • WEPER HF3000 Induction Heating Fusion Machine

WEPER HF3000 Induction Fusion Machine

WEPER HF3000 Induction Fusion Machine is designed to make glass beads for XRF analysis in different industries and applications, such as such as geology, building industry, metallurgy, cement industry, coal industry and more.

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The Glass fusion method is an important technique for XRF sample preparation, which effectively reduces and eliminates undesirable factors such as particle effect, matrix effect, and mineral effect of samples. It greatly improves accuracy of XRF analysis.

Induction fusion machine adopts a high frequency induction heating design to achieve rapid warming and cooling with a reasonable structure; it also features a high precision infrared temperature measurement sensor and advanced PID temperature control for real-time temperature measurement and accuracy during the fusion process, which ensures excellent quality of the glass frit. HF3000 is easy to operate with a convenient touch screen interface.

Features: High Automation 1. Automatic sample melting and casting: users only need to put the sample into HF3000 and press one button to complete the entire process of pre-oxidation, heating and melting, shaking well, casting into shape, and cooling down.
2. Automatic Shaking and mixing during the melting process to maintain the uniformity of the molten sample.
High Efficiency 1. Induction heating design allows for rapid heating up and cooling down.
2. Fast sample preparation speed of around 5-10mins/sample.
3. High-precision infrared temperature measurement system, combined with PID intelligent temperature control, allows for accurate temperature control during the melting process.
Easy Operation 1. Touch screen design make HF3000 easy to operate, safe and reliable. Operator can also self-set and save sample preparation programs for future use.
2. According to different work load, single station, double station and four station modes are available for users to choose.
High Safety 1. A heat–resistant ceramic protection device designed for the platinum crucible and forming mold to prolong their service life.
2. The built-in exhaust system removes the harmful gas generated during the melting process to protect the operator’s health.
3. The alarm of over-voltage, over-current, over-heating, over-temperature and lack of water to ensure safe and stable use.

Model HF3000 Induction Fusion Machine
Heating Method 1. high frequency induction heating, 50-100KHz Oscillation frequency, temp. range room temperature~1200℃;
2. infrared temperature measurement system, PID intelligent temperature control, sensor temp. range:385℃~1600℃
Molding Method Automatic casting, (5~10) min for a batch of samples
Control Method Intelligent touch screen,automatic/manual control
Cooling Method Induction coil with external water chiller, Flow≥3L/min, water pressure ≤0.2MPa, Water temp.≤40℃, Air-cooled control system
Working Method Preheating→Oxidation→Melting→Swinging→Automatic casting→Cooling
System Protection Over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and lack of water
Power Supply Single-phase AC220V±10%, 50±1Hz, ≤8kW, ≤32A, protective grounding
Weight Single Station: 45Kg
Double Station: 90Kg(optional)
Four Station: 180Kg(optional)
Dimension(LxWxH) Single Station: 760x475x580(mm)
Double Station:980x760x640(mm) (optional)
Four Station:1985x760x640(mm) (optional)