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ID Card for the Rapid Identification of Coal Customization

July.08 Coal

As emphasized on fairness in the transaction market, there should also be a fair scale to weigh the weight and set the standard in the process of coal quality analysis.In this case , CKIC is playing the very role in the coal quality analysis filed.
Newly built demonstration platform transformed from the old workshop to a totally new look.
In this year, CKIC has taken another big step forward to build China's first intelligent engineering demonstration platform of power plant fuel. The platform integrates the latest intelligent products in CKIC and all of the software system with independent intellectual property rights to display the products in 100 % real products.
To eliminate human factor, no manual operation is allowed.
Coal quality detection can be divided into sampling, sample preparation and analysis.If it is operated manually, it may go wrong in any process. For example , in the process of sampling , 80% of the errors come from the manual operation.

Unattended sampling system
Earlier, the workers need to hold a shovel, and select tens of kilograms or heavier coal sample from coal-fired vehicles for analysis. Apart from the physical exertion, what makes the filed experts more worried is the individual's interference.
Being familiar with the drawbacks of the manual operation , CKIC realized sampling mechanization in the year of 1998. After the mechanization , when the vehicle gets through the “Acceptance Zone of Coal Vehicle”, the radio frequency recognizes and releases the vehicle by the Vehicle Identification System installed inside the barrier.
After that , the vehicle will enter the “Full Automatic Sampling Zone” according to the instructions on the screen. At this moment, the automatic sampler will do the sampling automatically. Once the sampling is completed , the vehicle will leave the sampling zone. After the sample synthesis ,samples will get into the the sample preparation system by the conveyor belt.

Coal sample needs tertiary crushing in the sample preparation system.
Sample preparation is different from sampling. Coal sample needs tertiary crushing in the sample preparation system. It can not happen without manual operation in this process for such a long time. Even though it may be partially mechanized, workers still need to undertake work at each stage . 
In the process of sample preparation , it was inevitable to have human interference. Until the early of 2013, CKIC pushed forward the 5E-APS intelligent automatic sample preparation system. Through the orderly operation of the system components, coal samples were crushed into particles with a diameter of 0.2mm in the tertiary crushing process. What’s more ,the analysis samples shall output in bottles automatically.

Blue chip is like a person's identity card.
After the sample analysis, the blue chip under each sample caused a reporter's attention. CKIC's Planning Manager Wu Zhou introduced: "It's just like a person's ID card. The specific sample-related information is saved in the blue chip. Through the backstage software, the information is clear at a glance. The advantage of this is that even if people want to intervene, it is impossible to start" .

Provide personal customized service
A few days ago, the demonstration platform ushered the first batch of guests . More than 40 industry experts from all over the world came to CKIC to participate in the identification of new products. As the first batch of experiencer, they witnessed the operation of intelligent fuel management process. 
After a car of raw coal respectively gets into the factory inspection system, unattended sampling system, intelligent full automatic sample preparation system, intelligent full automatic sample system, and the gas delivery system for sample bottle, a bottle fully sealed analysis sample of 0.2mm is born.         
Witnessing the whole process, the present experts said emotionally: “this is a subversive understanding of traditional fuel management process ,and it is also the most intuitive learning process of intelligent fuel management.
All kinds of analytical equipment are available in laboratory.

Intelligent controlling system can control comprehensively.
At the scene, the staff specifically referred to the “customized service". As introduced , after customers purchase products of CKIC, purchaser can enjoy the customized services according to their needs. Although it increases the workload of the technical staff, it can provide customers with the most optimized solution , which also brings huge market profits for the company.
The build-up of the demonstration platform makes the customers intuitively understand and experience the great advantages of the products. And the customized service allows customers to enjoy the VIP treatment.
Mr. Luo, the president of CKIC, believes that this innovation is not only a showcase for the company's product research and development ideas of advanced fuel intelligent and the latest scientific research, but also a new marketing initiatives and new achievements.
“Making money is not the only purpose of our business. We hope that we can take our efforts to promote the orderly development of the domestic coal trading and realize the fair transaction.And we also hope that we can improve our products to increase the using efficiency of coal and reduce the pollution with our efforts” , Mr. Luo said.