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Progress of Fuel Intelligent Engineering Project

July.27 Power Plant

Changchun thermal power plant intelligent engineering is contracted by the south ring of Guodian. CKIC in changsha bears 80% of the quantities, including fuel control system of network and all aspects of sampling , sampling preparation ,transmission and storage. Construction period is from September 1st , 2015 to December 18th ,2015. Completing the test of system performance acceptance only takes three and a half months.
 In particular, due to the automatic sample preparation step has been added to the online full water automatic test system,the moisture test step moves forward , which reduced the water loss in the process of test. According to the system records on the online date of the total moisture from January 15th, 2016 to the January 31st ,2016 , compared with full water test data of artificial sample preparation, the value of online full water automatic test system is ,on average,1.05% higher than that of artificial test values. This makes the low calorific value of as received basis reduce 0.231MJ/kg. According to the Coal supply contract of Changchun thermal power plant , the price shall be based on the test values of the manufacture.The contract price is 230 yuan/ton, and the average calorific value is 13.29 MJ/kg (huolinhe Lignitous coal). After calculation , we find that since the the heating value has reduced 0.231 MJ/kg, settlement price shall be to reduce 3.98 yuan per ton.Changchun thermal power plant has daily coal consumption for 8000 tons. In this case , it can reduce coal cost for 31840 yuan each day, and save coal cost for 11.6 million yuan a year.
As the late implementation of fuel intelligent power plant,Changchun thermal power plant exists technical problems that train sampler is far away from the sample preparation room, and the raw coal sample delivery needs to be carried out across the track.Changsha kaiyuan Instruments Co.,Ltd. adopts sealed sample raw coal conveying system with the underground passage. Under this system , the raw coal sample will be automatically sent to the automatic sample preparation system, integrating the the sampling and the sample preparation perfectly. This scheme provides reference for other domestic thermal power plant in China. The projects beard by the CKIC including guodian puyang, guodian ZhuangHe, huadian soil right EPC projects are close to the end. The engineering quality has earned the high reputation from all the plants consistently. The three big projects of Datang Liaoyuan region have been checked and accepted already in December 2015.