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Two National Standards Drafted by CKIC Has Been Approved to Be Carried Out

September.09 GB Coal

Recently, the AQSIQ and SAC has approved the “Standard Test Method for Cement Density” and other 47 “Standard Test Methods” in total, among which, "GB/T 30732-2014 Proximate analysis of coal — Instrumental method" and "GB/T 30733-2014 CHN Determination of total carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content in coal ― Instrumental method" are drafted by CKIC.

Usually, the leading enterprises do the standards. CKIC has been dedicated to the revision of national and industry standards. CKIC was elected to be the drafting enterprise for China Thermal Analyzer in 2007. So far, CKIC has participated in drafting national and industry standards for nearly 20 pieces. Standard competition is actually the market competition. Engaging in standards revision and drafting indicates its leading status in this field. What is more, CKIC is continuing their efforts for the implementation of healthy and rapid development of the industry to make a positive contribution.