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  • 2016.10.31

    Brief Discussion on Sampling Precision

    Brief Discussion on Sampling Precision

    1. Precision and Accuracy a. Precision Precision refers to consistency in the independent test results under prescribed conditions. b. Accuracy Accuracy refers to the consistency between the test result and the measured true value or the conventional truth value. The figure below clearly shows the relationship between p...
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  • 2016.09.22

    Influence of Coal Quality on Boiler Combustion

    Coal Quality

    For the current coal supply tensions and the boiler combustion problems caused by coal quality changes, we must face the reality. In the running process, we need to positively test, explore, and make corresponding practical operational solutions. And we should also work hard to adjust the combustion running of boiler ...
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  • 2016.09.21

    Critical Analysis of Biomass


    Biomass is mankind’s oldest and most reliable source of energy. It is comprised of biological material derived from living or recently living organisms. Even fossil fuels have their origin in ancient biomass. Until recently, man has been relegated to simply burning wood for cooking and to generate heat. Today’s biomass is ob...
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  • 2016.09.17

    Standard Sieve Sizes

    Standard Sieve Sizes

    Sieving is a practical and cost effective way to determine particle size distributions for coarser materials. Two accepted scales are the US Sieve and Tyler Equivalent, sometimes called Tyler Mesh Size or Tyler Standard Sieve Series. The most common mesh opening sizes for these scales are given in the table below and provide an ...
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  • 2016.09.14

    What Is Proximate Analysis?

    Proximate Analysis

    Proximate analysis is a type of scientific inquiry done to determine the approximate amounts of substances within a material. This is utilized by different types of scientists to study such things as animal feed, coal, and bio-fuels. The process of proximate analysis is complicated and often involves either extraction or remote ...
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  • 2016.09.11

    What is Coal Analysis?

    Coal Analysis

    To most people, coal is coal — black lumps of dusty, combustible material that double as Christmas presents for naughty children. To experts, however, every piece of coal is different, with a wide range of properties and qualities. Proper assessment of these traits is vital to ensuring a particular supply of coal is used in th...
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