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Why Is It So Important to Analyze the Carbon and Sulfur Elements?

March.27 Iron Ore

In the iron and steel industry, carbon is the most important element. We usually differentiate the iron and steel by the carbon contents (If the carbon contents are over 2%, the material is iron; if the carbon contents are less 2%, the material is steel.); While the contents of sulfur can reflect the steel-making level. Generally speaking, the sulfur is not a good element in the iron and steel industry, because the lower the sulfur content, the better the steel quality is. Therefore, the carbon and sulfur analyzer is the necessary equipment for the iron and steel industry to ensure the products’ quality, which can greatly avoid the benefits loss.

In the mining industry, ore is the raw material for the iron and steel smelting. Knowing the carbon and sulfur contents in ore in advance, can help to control the carbon and sulfur contents in the process of iron and steel making.

In the machinery industry, there are very strict requirements on the physical properties of materials. The presence of carbon and sulfur elements has an important effect on the physical properties of the material. Carbon usually affects the hardness and wear resistance of the material. Sulfur usually affects the machinability of the material. Therefore, it is necessary for the machinery industry to analyze the carbon and sulfur elements especially in the material detection process.

In the aerospace industry, since the working conditions are very complex,both the materials used in the military and civilian fields are required to have features of high temperature resistance, high specific strength, anti-fatigue, corrosion resistance, long service life and low cost. In this case, the material inspections are very strict. The carbon and sulfur analyzer is the most appropriate equipment for its high precision.

In the new energy battery industry, as a substitute for traditional energy, the new energy batteries have a widespread market.  The times of charging and discharging for the new energy battery represent an important indicator of the battery performance. The presence of sulfate in the battery will directly affect the service life of the battery, so the manufacturer of the battery material must detect the sulfur content.

Commodity inspection system, as a national quality supervision authority, has a supervisory function on the enterprise's product quality. Therefore, they must have the methods for inspection. And the carbon and sulfur analyzer is the common instrument in the commodity inspection system.

In the universities and research institutes, the carbon ans sulfur analyzer is the necessary equipment  for  the teaching and research.

In the geological industry, China is currently carrying out a nationwide survey on the soil. The soil contains carbon and sulfur elements. To detect the carbon and sulfur elements in the soil must use carbon and sulfur analyzer.

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