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Recently, CKIC gets through the approval of international trademark registration in India, Australia, South Korea, Mongolia; Meanwhile, more CKIC trademark applications in other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam are expected to be passed soon.

The trademark “CKIC” is shorted for Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd, which is quite easy to remember. And it becomes the brand symbol of CKIC in the overseas market, being well known by more and more customers. Declaring the international trademark registration for CKIC in time is not only an important way to protect our intellectual property rights, but also a priority process to stabilize and expand the overseas market.  What is more, it is also an essential step to build a brand image for CKIC worldwide.

It is reported that , in addition to the "CKIC", Chinese Famous Brand"5E" held by CKIC also declared the international trademark registration, and got the trademark registration certificates in Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Netherlands etc.

Since CKIC has been committed to providing solutions and professional services strictly according to customers’ needs, the brand image of CKIC is highly recognized and appraised by global experts and customers around the world, which wins a good reputation in the overseas market. At present, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, our products have been exported to over 55 countries, and we have also successfully developed more than 30 overseas agents. We believed that with inspiring growth of CKIC in overseas market, "CKIC" and "5E" trademarks will be given higher market value under the policy of “One Belt One Road”.