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CKIC 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator is sold to Canada


Recently, two sets 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator (also called Sapozhnikov Plastometer)developed and produced by CKIC, were sold to Canada and came into use after passing debugging and acceptance successfully.

To deal with such problems as various operation steps, high labor intensity, large difference of the results, some safety problems showed in the traditional test equipment, 5E-PL300B made a number of optimization in design, which can realize automatic determination of the plastometric indices of bituminous coal, and reduce the labor intensity and human impact factors. At the same time, the original smoke exhaust system ensures it work without the fume cupboard. What's more, core probe pressure analysis technique makes the measurement results more accurate and reliable. In addition, adopting strong electrical partial isolation protection, weak current and strong electrical device isolation installation improves the safety of both personnel and instruments. 

In recent years, Mongolia, the United States, Canada and other countries catch up from behind, and they can export the coking coal as much as the Australian. These countries dominate the world coking coal market and their demand for this kind of testing equipment is steadily on the increase. This time, the purchasing party are Canadian government research laboratories, and the third party testing laboratory. This equipment produced by CKIC owes such advantages as humanized design, stable and reliable test results, and professional technical service, which make it well received by customers.