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CKIC Won the Bid of the First Power Cooperation Project in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

October.09 Power Plant Coal

Qasim power plant, located in Qasim Harbor, is the first power cooperation project after Premier Li Keqiang putting forward the plan of building China-Pakistan economic corridor. As a thermal power base in the south of Pakistan, Qasim power plant plays an important role in the development and planning of Pakistan Energy Power. It can produce 9.5 billion KWh for Pakistan.

Qasim power plant investment project is a significant part in the construction of China-Pakistan economic corridor which is implemented according to the market mechanism. This plant is organized by Chinese and Pakistan government, and developed by Power Construction Corporation of China and the Qatari royal family. It has been put into production in the latter half of this year. It can be seen that a positive impact has been made on adjusting power and energy structure, easing the contradiction between demand and supply, and optimizing investment environment. Furthermore, it will promote sustainable development of the friendly relationship among China, Pakistan and Qatar. The investment project can be called a benchmarking project.

With rich experience in coal-fired thermal power plant , excellent product performance and all-round technical service,  CKIC won the coal laboratory project in Qasim power plant as a preferred supplier. For this project, CKIC supplied coal analysis instruments that include Automatic Calorimeter, Sulfur Analyzer, Ash Fusion Determinator and Automatic Proximate Analyzer. At present, the training for laboratory technician has been completed, as well as the installation and commissioning of all instruments. These instruments played well in the 168-hour trail run test, which help CKIC obtain the praise from the contractor and owners.

In the past several years, CKIC actively involved in various international EPC Projects of Power plant, cement, steel plant, smelting plant by delivering top quality equipment and service, The Qasim project is a milestone to highlight the influence of CKIC in “One Belt One Road” Area, and adds a new chapter in international market.