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CKIC win the first 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator order from TATA Steel

October.13 Coke

One set 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator (also called Sapozhnikov Plastometer), developed and produced by CKIC, were sold to India TATA Steel. CKIC will finish the debugging and acceptance recently. From the Standard to its operation, CKIC will help to boost the internationalization of GB standards during overseas product promotion.

It’s reported that TATA Steel is one of the centennial well-known enterprises in India. It’s the first time that India Steel has used 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator. At the same time of establishing CKIC products reputation in India market, India Steel industry has broken the traditional and fundamental liquidity monopoly. And Chinese GB Standard has been extended to international market.

So far, 5E-PL300B has been used in six countries all over the word, including United States, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia and Mongolia. It’s beneficial to boost the globalization of China's GB standards.