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CKIC Held 2019 New Product Announcement Conference Successfully


On 22nd Dec, 2018, CKIC New Product Announcement Conference was held grandly in Changsha, the theme of which is Develop Novel Products for Customers, Develop Fuel Intelligent System for the future. Meanwhile, the column, CHARACTER, started filming. At the conference, CKIC officially launched seven new products, and introduced six new products in detail that are expected to be launched in March 2019. The new products represented the cutting-edge technology level in the industry because it was the first time many new technologies were used in China and even in the world. Moreover, it marked the significant achievements of CKIC in the field of fuel intelligent control. And CKIC will continue to leading the industry development direction.
More than 110 experts and leaders invited from the Standardization Technical Committees of China Electricity Council and coal, petrochemical, third-party testing and other industries, attended CKIC New Product Announcement Conference.

Mr. Luo, Chairman of CKIC, delivered a welcome speech at the conference. Then he introduced the current development status of CKIC and looked forward to the future development of CKIC. He said that CKIC will live up to expectations in the future, and devote itself to the research and development of fuel intelligent control products, and make unremitting efforts to comprehensively and deeply realize the fuel control of highly intelligent in the country.

Mr. Tian, the Secretary General of the Standardization Technical Committees of China Electricity Council, delivered a speech on behalf of the Association.He fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of CKIC to the development of fuel intelligent control in thermal power enterprises for many years, and hoped that CKIC can continue to retained the pioneering spirit to develop higher-quality fuel intelligent control products constantly.

Mr. Wen, the chief engineer of CKIC, officially launched 7 new products at the conference, and introduced six new products in detail that are expected to be launched in March 2019.

There are 7 new products released this time, including 5 intelligent devices:
5E-APS9230 Fully Automatic Sample Preparation System
5E-RILS1800 Robot Intelligent System
5E Series Raw Coal Sample Intelligent Transfer
5E-MAT6570 Automatic Total Moisture Analysis System
5E-C5808 Automatic Calorimeter

And 2 software
5E-DICB Coal Field Blending&Burning Integrated Intelligent Control System
5E-FBIS Fuel Big Data Monitoring System.

The new products are based on the requirements of high-quality development and advancement of social economy. Furthermore, the products have the characteristics of “intelligence to wisdom”, combining the traditional technological advantages of CKIC with the new technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, Big Data. Thus, they are able to maintain a leading level in the industry, and provides a safe, efficient and comfortable user experience on fuel intelligent control.

After the conference, the guests were also invited to visit the CKIC's intelligent demonstration platform to watch the first presentations of a number of new products, and unveil them together. Experts carefully observe the demonstration process and communicated with the technicians to learn more about the product structure, parameters, operation and other related technical characteristics, and praise the innovation and leading technology of those new products. 2019 New Product Announcement Conference showed the CKIC’s technological innovation, continuous exploration, honesty and pragmatism, and diligence, so that customers have full confidence in the future development of the CKIC.
After the conference, the finalist ceremony of CHARACTER was held. Mr. Liu, the executive producer of the CHARACTER, delivered a speech and represented the column to congratulate the success of this conference. On behalf of the company, Chairman Luo participated in the awarding ceremony of the CHARACTER, and then the main leader of R&D and the crew of CHARACTER posed for photographs.