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CKIC Launches High Throughput Organic Elemental Analyzer Project


On March 26, 2019, the project “Development and Application of High Throughput Organic Elemental Analyzer” and its demonstration meeting were launched in Changsha. This project is a new national key R&D program of China, and CKIC takes the lead at all aspects.

Organic Elemental Analyzer is an important instrument which is able to satisfy determination of carbon, hydrgen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen in organics for energy, food, agriculture, chemical, mining, medical treatment, and environmental protection. By breakthroughs in key technology like rapid decomposition of organics and high-precision detection, an organic elemental analyzer with proprietary intellectual property rights, stable performance, and domestic core components will be created, so as to realize high-precision quantitative analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen elements of organic matter. A total of 40.18 million CNY was invested in this project, including 13.68 million CNY from central government.

This meeting brought together over 50 officials,experts and representatives of Consumer Committee drawn from government, academia and industries such as environment, grain and oil, university, and research institution, including the chief of High Technology R&D Center, Mr. Ou Hejian.
The application of this project was led by CKIC, and undertaken by China Jiliang University, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Tianjin, Hunan Institute of Metrology and Test, and Hunan Institute of Microbiology together.

Beginning at 9 a.m., the meeting was hosted by Dr. Zhou Lei, the project leader and chief engineer of CKIC. Mr. Luo Jianwen, the chairman of CKIC, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company. 
Mr.Ou Hejian publicized and interpreted the special policies on significant scientific instruments development, and put forward the concrete requirements on project implementation. Project group, expert group, and consumer committee were announced to establish. The responsibilities of each group were clarified, and letters of appointment were issued. 

Then, Dr. Zhou Lei reported project implementation program, whose main contents include project overview, task decomposition, main research work, key points of implementation, specific plans, organizational management mechanism, achievement presentation form, and determination method.

Finally, the evaluation group drawn the conclusion of the implementation plan after fully expressing opinions, discussing and evaluating. The project group held the staff meeting after the launch, analyzed and discussed the opinions of experts one by one, specified the job assignment and next working plan.

The project “Development and Application of High Throughput Organic Elemental Analyzer” is the first approved significant project of Ministry of Science and Technology, which is led by CKIC. As a leading enterprise in the industry, CKIC has always taken technological innovation as the sustained driving force for the development. Relying on rich experience in the field of coal quality testing instruments, the project CKIC undertook this time will further expand into new fields of analytical instruments such as food and environmental protection.