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  • 2017.03.27

    Why Is It So Important to Analyze the Carbon and Sulfur Elements?

    Why Is It So Important to Analyze the Carbon and Sulfur Elements? | CKIC

    In the iron and steel industry, carbon is the most important element. We usually differentiate the iron and steel by the carbon contents ( If the carbon contents are over 2%, the material is iron; if the carbon contents are less 2%, the material is steel.); While the contents of sulfur can reflect the steel-making level. General...
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  • 2016.12.19

    What Should We Pay Attention to in the Coal Sample Weighing Process?

    What Should We Pay Attention to in the Coal Sample Weighing Process?

    The coal samples used in the coal quality analysis process are mostly on air dry basis. Even in the weighing process with a balance, the sample is also required to be kept in a drying status. That is to say, before the coal sample weighing, user needs to remove the desiccant (calcium chloride or color changing silica gel) from t...
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  • 2016.11.23

    CKIC Now Offers Free Sample Testing!

    CKIC Now Offers Free Sample Testing

    - Not sure which instrument is suitable for your sample - Worry about your investment on unqualified equipment - Lack of experience to perform the test according to standards Now it has an easy way to help you out: Simply send us a sample of your choice – we will perform a free and non-binding testing of your material and...
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  • 2016.11.22

    Influence of Minerals and Ash in Coal on Coal Utilization

    Disadvantage: 1. Increase the transport load. With uneven distribution of coal producing area in china, about 70% of the railway transport capacity is used for coal transportation, resulting in serious inefficient transportation. 2. Increase coal consumption. When coal is used as fuel, the mineral cannot produce heat. Wha...
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  • 2016.10.31

    Brief Discussion on Sampling Precision

    Brief Discussion on Sampling Precision

    1. Precision and Accuracy a. Precision Precision refers to consistency in the independent test results under prescribed conditions. b. Accuracy Accuracy refers to the consistency between the test result and the measured true value or the conventional truth value. The figure below clearly shows the relationship between p...
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  • 2016.09.22

    Influence of Coal Quality on Boiler Combustion

    Coal Quality

    For the current coal supply tensions and the boiler combustion problems caused by coal quality changes, we must face the reality. In the running process, we need to positively test, explore, and make corresponding practical operational solutions. And we should also work hard to adjust the combustion running of boiler ...
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