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CKIC win 10 calorimeters order from India state-owned enterprise


Recently, a good news comes from the overseas department of CKIC. A state-owned enterprise from India has ordered 10 calorimeters, which develops a great breakthrough in the India Market for CKIC.

It is reported that the calorimeter tender is very strict this time. It is not only required to collect the user operations data and the operation feedback from state-owned enterprises of India, but also to carry out the reference materials analyses(such as the standard coal and the benzoic acid ) with different instruments  according to different standards in the laboratories of different enterprises. After the analyses, they strictly review the analytic results. Finally, after 24 hours’ operation, the 5E-C5500 calorimeter from CKIC stands out from the crowded with the best precision, which is highly appraised by users.

Bulk purchase of 10 calorimeters indicates that 5E-C5500 Automatic Calorimeter produced by CKIC is widely recognized by the market, which has laid a solid foundation for the further development of CKIC.

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