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CKIC Spare Parts & Consumables is Online for Inquiry Now!


In order to make help all the CKIC customers find and purchase the spare parts and consumables easily, we adds a new function in the website. Customer can search directly from the web pages, preview and query the spare parts and consumable of CKIC products, which offers an effective support for CKIC customers worldwide on after-sales service. 
The spare parts are classified by product model. After determining the product type, it is very easy and convenient for customers to check the parts by pictures, ERP numbers and parameters.

What’s more, to keep the spare parts and consumables purchasing in time, customer can make inquiry directly through the online service or by email, phone +86 731 84021617 and we will reply quickly within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, CKIC professional service team can also propose customized spare parts and consumables package according to local operation situation in the laboratory e. g package for 2000 or 5000 analysis , which helps customer select and keep required spare parts and consumables in advance to minimize the transportation cost and delivery time.

CKIC team are dedicating to build a friendly on-line platform for spare part and consumables purchase, which will be the first line guarantee for you to interact with us on getting timely aftersales support.