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CKIC President Visits Germany to Establish Cooperative Relationship


CKIC has been dedicated to exploring a road of internationalization. To establish cooperative relationships with German enterprises, recently, Mr. Luo Jianwen, the President of CKIC, led a team to visit several German enterprises for learning and communication. Meanwhile, Mr. Luo also has had further communicated with the enterprise leaders.

Their first stop was a German production and processing enterprises, which has established for over 100 years. In the process of workshop visit, Mr. Luo discussed the production management, skills training and the processing equipment on site with the manager, and communicated about the projects for future cooperation.

Subsequently, Mr. Luo went to visit the local power plant. At the power plant, they learned the implementation details of “Industry 4.0”in the thermal power field. These valuable experiences will provide us with new ideas for further extension of our fuel intelligent control system.

The last stop of German Trip is the European Branch of SANY. SANY is a famous Chinese heavy industry manufacturing enterprises, which has penetrated the overseas market successfully in the early years. The manager SANY in European Branch shared their internationalizing experiences and their investments from Greenfield Investment to the development of acquisition and merger. Furthermore, they also discussed the problems encountered and the achievements obtained in the developing process.

CKIC has been dedicated to exploring the international market for many years. The products have successfully penetrated the overseas market for over 50 countries. Currently, CKIC is still exploring further development of internalization.

We have benefited a lot from this German Trip. We not only got experience on production, processing, management, but also brought us some new ideas and inspirations. Furthermore, CKIC is planning to arrange more overseas visits for the staff to go abroad for learning and communication, taking efforts to get CKIC into a new level.