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CKIC Participated in the “Fuel Intelligent Management in Coal-fired Power Plant ”Seminar

August.11 Power Plant Coal

China is vigorously promoting energy-saving and emission-reduction and accelerating fuel intelligent management in coal enterprises. Under the background, from July 11, 2017 to 12, China Energy Conservation Association organized a seminar on “ Clean Production and Fuel Intelligent Management in Coal-fired Power Plants in 2017” in Suzhou. The seminar focused on energy-saving, emission-reduction, clean production and fuel intelligent management in thermal power generation enterprises. Some institutes and corporations including China five major power generation groups (Huaneng Group, Datang Corporation, Huadian Corporation, China Guodian, and State Power Investment Corporation) attended the meeting.

Mr. Luo Jianwen, the CKIC Chairman, attended the meeting and made a speech entitled “the practice of coal intelligent engineering and reducing coal cost “. The period of 2014 to 2017 witnessed a great development of fuel intelligent engineering in thermal power enterprise. As a domestic fuel intelligent leader, Mr. Luo Jianwen reviewed the experience and lessons learned from numerous projects during this period. In his speech, Mr. Luo interpreted in detail about the public concerned issues such as current status and achievements, main problems and solution during the implementation process, and the technology development direction in the future, which obtained high attention and recognition from the guests and the industry.

Mr. Luo put forward the problem that is how to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data. Current fuel intelligent control system has been improved in automation and informatization, thus to a large extent, human intervention factors can be eliminated. However, there is no perfect solution for how to ensure the accuracy of the data obtained from the intelligent equipment. Therefore, CKIC plans to launch a new generation of fuel intelligent control system: 5E-FICS4.0, which combined national standard making with many years of experience on intelligent fuel management projects. It will be a domestic leading system with the function of “automatic reliability analysis”. What’s more, it can realize intelligent analysis and judgment and automatic comparison with historical data during the whole process. If the deviation is relatively large, there will be an automatic warning. In these ways the equipment reliability and data credibility can be greatly improved, and ultimately the operation efficiency and economic benefit can be enhanced.