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CKIC complete the service for Planta Centro 600MW in Venezuela

November.29 Power Plant

The FAC Certificate for No.6 600MW Steam turbine generating set project of Planta Centro Venezuela(Venezuela Central Power Plant) was signed on June 21. General contractor CMEC, Ren Kailong and Khalil Chavez, the representative of Venezuelan State Electricity Company (CORPOELEC), and signed the certificate. Planta Centro Venezuela is the one of the most advanced coal fired power plant in Venezuela.

The Project was implemented on May 2012, and the FAC Certificate was obtained on May 18, 2017. CKIC provided a set of laboratory equipment for the power plant. CKIC also sent engineers to Venezuela for commissioning, maintenance and training for the operating personnel of the owners, getting owners’ approval, which provided the support to CMEC for obtaining the FAC certificate.

Venezuela is suffering its most severe electricity crisis in six years because of growing demand and a drought that cut water levels in the hydro dams that provide 73 percent of the its power. Planta Centro, Venezuela's biggest fossil-fueled power plant, would do big contribution to resolve the situation due to high output of the new plant. CKIC is proud to provide equipment and service for Planta Centro in Venezuela.