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Another Milestone Project on One Belt One Road


GNPD power plant, located in Mariveles, Bataan Peninsula, which is the first supercritical power station in the Philippines, including 80,000 dwt wharf for coal conveying, two 120-meter- diameter circular coal yards, and desulfurization system with seawater. It is co-invested by GNPD, Ayala Corporation, Sithe Global, and is contracted by Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd (SEPC) together with Henan Electric Power Survey & Design Institute (HEPSDI).

GNPD power plant invited tenders for the laboratory project in July, 2017. CKIC cooperated with SEPC and HEPSDI positively, and repeatedly confirmed and clarified plans for coal analyzer, environmental analyzer, oil and water analyzer, laboratory casework layout, and supply of power, gas, and water with American proprietor for nearly half a year. Finally, CKIC successfully passed all technical confirmations as well as PO approval, and signed the laboratory project smoothly in the end of 2017. Responsible for equipment supply and laboratory construction, CKIC set comfortable and normative operation environment for the project, and provide accurate data for water, oil, coal and environmental surveillance, guaranteeing the overall operation of power plant.

In addition, before signing the contract, professional representatives of B&V Company invited by the proprietor inspected the ability of CKIC as a supplier. Company qualification, purchasing management, production management, quality control, R&D capability, project procedures were examined thoroughly during two days of inspection. Two representatives placed high comment on CKIC’s process management, institutional norms and experience in overseas projects. This proves that CKIC has already been in the forefront of whole industry, especially in One Belt One Road (OBOR) projects.

The Philippines is one of the important overseas markets in OBOR. GNPD power plant is the biggest thermal power project, so far, it is also the first supercritical power plant in the Philippines. Thus GNPD power plant plays the role of pacesetter. Upon its completion the electricity consumption in this region will be improved effectively, which is significant for mitigating the power shortage.

All in all, we hope that CKIC will receive a good reputation in the Philippines, along with other Southeast Asian countries. CKIC will continue to provide service of superior quality in every projects all the time