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Delving deep into Alternative Fuel Application

December.06 ISO Biomass

With the increasingly use of alternative fuel such as biomass and SRF in power plants and cement plant, CKIC has developed the turnkey solution for alternative fuel testing that compliance with ISO and GB standard.

Power generation is the main industrial application of biomass and SRF in Asia. In China, there are estimated 250 biomass/SRF-fired power plants, which are mainly under the Renewable Energy Power Group such as KADI Power Group, Guangdong Shaoneng Group, Anhui Yuntou Group, etc. CKIC offers the turnkey solution of auger sampling, sample preparation and laboratory analysis testing apparatus such as Calorimeter, Sulfur analyzer, Automatic Proximate Analyzer, Ash Fusion Determinator, Elemental Analyzer for them.

In our overseas market, ENEL Green Power S.P.A is one of our valued customers on biomass testing solution, which has focused on the production of electricity from renewable sources such as biomass, and has operations in many countries across Europe, in North & South America.

With the dedication and research of professional team, CKIC is delving deep into alternative fuel application market by optimizing the tailor-made solution of biomass and SRF.