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CKIC Now Offers Free Sample Testing!


- Not sure which instrument is suitable for your sample
- Worry about your investment on unqualified equipment
- Lack of experience to perform the test according to standards

Now it has an easy way to help you out: Simply send us a sample of your choice – we will perform a free and non-binding testing of your material and send you an individual test report. Utilize our extensive know-how and test our instruments with your sample! 
Material Overview
suitable, upon consultation
Parameters Coal /Coke Solid Biomass
Solid waste/
Soil/ Clay/
Crude oil/
Heavy oil
Flour/ Cereal/
Corn/ Meat
Proximate Analysis Total Moisture %  
Moisture %(Air Dry Basis)  
Ash %  
Volatile Matter %  
Calorifica Value Analysis Calorific Value
Sulfur Analysis Total Sulfur
Elemental Analysis Carbon %
Hydrogen %
Nitrogen % (Protein)
Ash Fusibility Ash Fusion Temperature (Reducing and Oxidizing)        
Coking Coal Sapozhnikov Plastometer (X,Y value)          
Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI)          
Trace Elements Fluorine

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