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1st CHINA-PAKISTAN Coal Quality Training Seminar

November.11 Training Seminar

Recently, in Islamabad, Pakistan, local agents IMT and CKIC jointly held the 1st CHINA-PAKISTAN Coal Quality Training Seminar and CKIC Product Promotion Event. 35 delegates from 14 companies (including Cement Plant, Paper Plant, Power Plant, etc.) attended the meeting to exchange in-depth views on the development of coal quality technology and the application of CKIC products in various industry related to coal.

During the meeting, Mr. Justin Chen, the sales manager of Pakistan region, and Mr. Arno Pan, the service engineer, introduced the development and capability of CKIC. They elaborated CKIC products’ performances and features, sharing CKIC’s achievement on fuel intelligent control in China. Delegates had a closer observation and operation on CKIC Instruments. The training atmosphere there was lively with active communications. This training seminar was highly praised by all the customers.

Pakistan, as a friendly neighbor of China, has the world's seventh largest coal reserves. But coal-fired power generation currently accounts for only 0.04% of its electricity generation, which is far less than 41% of the world's average level. Pakistan Government plans to build at least 10 coal-fired power stations with a total installed capacity of 600 million kilowatts, among which some of the power stations belong to the CMB economic corridor project. With the new coal-fired power plant project started, in the next four to five years, the imported coal demand of Pakistan will reach 20 million tons, increasing 4 times than the current situation. As one of the focus market of CKIC Overseas Development, Pakistan has promising business opportunities. CKIC is taking stable steps in Pakistan currently. A further cooperation can be well expected.