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【Pooling Together Wisdom and Strength for Further Cooperation】 - The 15th CKIC Overseas Training Seminar Ended Successfully


         The 15th CKIC overseas training seminar was held in Changsha, China from June 25 to 28. This event brought together 45 industrial elites from 8 countries in Asia and America, who engaged in an in-depth exchange of ideas and discussions, and shared their practical experience of promoting innovation. Based on an analysis of the current situation, we explore new technologies and trends in the industry and seek further cooperation.

Mr. Luo, chairman of CKIC, attended the seminar and delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He said that the CKIC training seminar aims to deepen global technical exchanges and jointly promote cooperation. CKIC was, is and will be committed to providing overseas customers with more advanced and reliable products and services.

The training seminar adopted a variety of teaching modes such as theoretical teaching, field visits to workshops, and practical operation competitions with specific guidance from technical personnel. The training content covers the theoretical knowledge of coal sampling, sample preparation and laboratory, and the operation skills of various instruments. In order to ensure that delegates can fully absorb the knowledge and understand the technical strength of CKIC, CKIC arranged a professional technical team for one-on-one guidance, and invited the general manager of the subsidiaries and R & D manager to participate in the training.


On June 28, the 15th CKIC overseas training seminar successfully came to an end. Each delegate participated in the seminar gave a high evaluation of CKIC products and services. They admitted that they had enjoyed a fruitful trip in Changsha and also in CKIC, and looked forward to carrying out more in-depth and extensive exchanges and cooperation with CKIC.

The successful holding of the 15th CKIC overseas training seminar not only provides a broad platform for technical exchanges and cooperation, but also lays a solid foundation for CKIC to further expand the overseas market. CKIC will constantly improve its technical strength and service quality, and will be committed to providing better products and services for global customers.