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【How happy we are to have Friends from afar】14th CKIC Overseas Training Seminar Ends Successfully

December.04 Training Seminar

On October 9, 2023, the 14th CKIC overseas training seminar kicked off, attracting more than 20 delegates from 9 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. 

In this training seminar, the courses are elaborately designed to make it possible for delegates to understand the instruments and their applications in a comprehensive way. The interactive sessions are carried out, which greatly activates the class and improves the enthusiasm of the attendees. With CKIC adhering to the principle of combining theory with practice, the delegates also visit CKIC's new factory many times to practice in addition to theoretical learning. 

Based on the existing cooperation, CKIC further seeks win-win cooperation in the field of  food safety and matter composition analysis technology. Thus, the delegates are introduced to the latest research achievements, food environmental analyzer and X-ray fluorescence from two subsidiaries of CKIC, Hocent and Weper. 

In this training seminar, delegates, most of whom are elites in coal and other energy-related fields, exchange information, share best practices and learn from one other. Reciprocally, CKIC not only further understands the needs of overseas customers, but also receives their feedback on CKIC, which prompts CKIC to optimize the market layout, adjust the product strategy, and then achieve greater success. 

The 14th CKIC overseas training seminar was successfully concluded on October12. Many delegates said that they not only had learned a lot from this seminar, but also had had a deeper underdstanding of CKIC, which makes them more confident about further cooperation.