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How to check gas leakage of oxygen bomb?


After charging the bomb and immerged into the water,first make sure where the bubbles were found , from A,B,C or D?(Showed in slide 1) Then disassemble the bomb : 1. If from A , it must be the damage of small O-ring as showed as a in slide 2. Replacing the O-ring will solve the problem. 2. If from B , it may be the damage of the O-ring as showed as b in slide 2 or the loosen of oxygen bomb head . Replacing the O-ring or re-tight the oxygen bomb head. 3. If from C , it may be the damage of the upper pad or lower pad as showed as c in slide 3 .Replacing the upper pad or lower pad . 4. If from D, it may be the problem of the big O-ring , replace it .