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  • CKIC 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer
  • CKIC 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer
  • CKIC 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer
  • CKIC 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer
  • CKIC 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer

5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer

5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer is used to determine the mercury in liquid and solid material such as coal, coal fly ash, soil, sludge, sediment, ore, mineral, foodstuff, waste water and fodder.

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Standard Configuration: Computer
Long Cell Components
Short Cell Components
Mercury Lamp Components
Sample Boat (Quartz)
Amalgamation Tube 

Sample Holder
Silicone Grease
Standard Mercury Solution
Arm Manipulator Components
Amalgamation Tube Resistance Wire
O-ring kit
Tool kit

Operation Principle:
5E-HGT2320 is a direct mercury analyzer of solid and liquid samples which employs the thermal decomposition process described in U.S. EPA Method 7473.

The samples are firstly dried, in which moisture shall be discharged in a form of vapor by a three-way valve. Then the sample is thermally decomposed in an oxygen-rich stream and the decomposition products are carried by flowing oxygen to the catalytic section of the furnace, where oxidation is completed and all interfering substances, such as halogens and nitrogen/sulfur oxides are eliminated. The remaining decomposition products are further carried to a gold amalgamator where the mercury is selectively trapped.

After the system is flushed with oxygen to remove the remaining decomposition products, the amalgamator is rapidly heated, releasing mercury vapor. Flowing oxygen carries the mercury vapor through a253.7nm wavelength atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Mercury concentration is measured via absorbance peak height or peak area.

Features:Safety FirstDetermine total mercury directly without sample preparation or other wet chemistry. No hazardous waste produced and no corrosive chemicals used.

High Efficiency
Results in 5 minutes. An auto-sampler with as many as 70 sample positions is  provided.

Wide Application5E-HGT2320 is able to analyze a variety of sample types including solids and liquid in a wide range of applications.

Easy Operation
Just input the sample mass into software and load the sample onto the auto-sampler, 5E-HGT2320 will finish the test automatically.

Minimum Analysis Cost
Compared with the traditional CV-AAS mercury analysis techniques, 5E-HGT2320 saves more than 70% in cost for customers.

Sample Application


Typical Results
Sample No. Measured(PPM) Certified(PPM)
Coal GBW11160 0.09 0.096
Coal GBW11159 0.127 0.13
Coal GBW11157 0.196 0.19
Coal GBW11156 0.31 0.32
Coal SARM20 0.245 0.25
Coal GBW07403 0.058 0.06
Coal BCR277R 0.135 0.128
Coal GBW07405 0.302 0.29
Model 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer
Conforms to Method US/EPA 7473, ASTM D6722
Principle Sample Thermal Decomposition, Atomic Absorption
Instrument control External PC computer system
Sample types Liquid or solid
Max. Sample Volume (Liquid)* 1000 µl (ceramic boat), 1500 µl (nickel boat)
Max. Sample Weight (Solid)* 1000 mg (ceramic boat), 1500 mg (nickel boat)
Light Source Low pressure mercury lamp
Hg wavelength 253.65 nm
Detectors UV enhanced photodiodes (2)
Number of samples 70 with small or large boats
Detection limit 0.001 ng Hg
Working Range Automatic scale change / Dynamic range 0 ng – 1500 ng Hg
Repeatability <1.5 % @ 10 ng Hg
Typical Analysis Time 5mins
Sample treatment
Drying time
Decomposition time
Waiting time
Adjustable from
Calibration Standard solution or CRM
Number of standards Minimum 2 (blank & high), maximum 33
Carrier gas Oxygen
Input pressure 15 Psi (100 kpa)
Peak flow 300ml/min
Peak (W) -Energy consumption 3000W
Standby (W)-Energy consumption <100W
Power Supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Weight (kg) 30 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500mmx460mmx350mm
*Depend on different sample density