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  • CKIC 5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator

5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator

5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator automatically monitors cone deformation temperatures in coal ash, biomass ash and mold powders automatically, which are critical to proper boiler functioning and to avoid slagging and fouling.

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  • Features
  • Specification
  • Spare parts
  • Case
Standard Configuration: Computer  
Main analyzer   
A/C adapter
Ash cone plate
Activated carbon 
Standard Reference Material(GBW)

Combustion cup
Duab kit
Ash cone module
Gasket kit
Tool kit             

Optional Configuration:
5 samples ash cone plate (ISO std) 
Biomass ash cone mould

Unique Structure for 15 Samples
15 samples can be tested per batch, which greatly improves the analysis efficiency.

High Automation
1. Optimized sample-loader with high reliability.
2. Auto power-off after analysis, shorten operator's stand-by time and prolong service life of high temperature parts.
3. Patented positive pressure dust removal device ensure zero maintenance of heat insulation glass.
4. Optional Analysis Atmosphere: CO and CO2 or H2 and CO2 mixed gas, or carbon envelope method can be selected for weak oxidizing atmosphere, strong oxidizing atmosphere, and weak reducing atmosphere.
5. Friendly human-computer interaction interface and multi-point capacitive touch technology provide user an excellent experience.

High Precision
1. 1.3 Mega-pixel professional camera and self-developed intelligent image recognition algorithm can automatically 
recognize DT, ST, HT, and FT with reliable and accurate analysis result.
2. AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator owns 4 Spectrum Lighting Analysis Technologies, being in the leading position of the industry, which can identify the characteristics of the ash cone from normal temperature to the maximum temperature.

High Safety
1. Patented furnace design with hermetic structure, quantitative gas tightness test could be performed inside chamber.
2. Automatically check the gas leakage with auditory alarm and gas flow terminated if triggered.
3. Real-time monitor the exhaust discharging to improve the working efficiency of fan.

Video of 5E-AF4115

Model 5E-AF4115 Ash Fusibility Determinator
Conforms to Method AS 1038-1995, ASTM D1857/D1857M/E935/935M, ISO 540, ISO21404
UNI CEN/TS 15370, 
GB/T 219, GB/T 30726, BS 1060-1995
Max. Sample loading 15 samples
Max. Temp. Up to 1600
Temp. Control Precision ±1
Camera pixel 3.2 Mega-pixel
Image Frame 1 frame per 2
Heating Rate 4℃/min-15℃/min adjustable
Analysis Atmosphere Oxidizing Atmosphere / Reducing Atmosphere
Power Supply Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, ≤3.8kW
Net Weight 130kg
Dimension(mm) 600mm×520mm×1170mm